Pasture Board: $200 per month

  • Hay twice a day (hay included).
  • Fresh water.
  • Health check daily. (Will notify owner of problems and call vet in emergencies.)
  • Put on fly mask/sheet, blankets, etc. (Provided by owner.)
  • Arena access.

Semi Board: $300 per month

  • Includes all pasture board services.
  • Grain twice a day. (Owner provides grain/bucket.)
  • Stall kept day, night, or both. Stall cleaned twice a day. (Owner provides shavings.)
  • Turnout day, night, or both.

Full Board: $500 per month

  • Includes all semi board services.
  • Covers cost of hay, feed, and shavings.
  • Full care provided for special needs.
  • Administer specific supplements with feed. (Supplements provided by owner.)