Freedom Valley Farms Training

*Owner must provide grain and hay. Horse must be 3 years or older.


30-Day Training: $400

What to expect:
  • Stand quietly for saddling/unsaddling, mounting/dismounting, farrier, and grooming. 
  • Lead and lunge
  • Stop on command 
  • Walk, jog, lope
  • Flex side to side
  • Be started on leg pressure
  • Desensitized to objects 


60-Day Training: $800

Includes all of the 30 day training plus:

  • Move off leg pressure 
  • Hind and forehand pivot 
  • Ready for trail rides
  • Load on and off horse trailer
  • Neck rein


Additional Training Services

Tune ups - $20 per day

30-day training for barrels, poles, or western pleasure - $400